Product Description

Highlights of BYD pallet truck

• Deceleration when turning

• Multifunction storage box

• Power-o protection

• 180° maximum rotation angle of operating handle

• Overload protection

• Speed limit when lifting

• Multifunction operating handle

• Constantly variable speed control driving system

• Low battery protection

• Braking when operating handle pushed upright or

pressed down, double guarantee for safety




High efficiency
BYD forklift equipped with high capacity lithium iron-phosphate battery and high efficiency charger, which ensures the strongest endurance and adapt to the most complex working conditions. It saves 90% charging time compared with lead-acid forklift.


High safety
Compared to lead-acid battery forklift, BYD lithium iron-phosphate battery forklift produce zero emission or pollution during charging that need no special charging room. In order to ensure the safety and stability of the battery, there are a series of extreme tests including overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, oven, crush and burning to name a few. Strong scientific capability and rigorous testing processes comprehensively guarantee the safety and excellent performance of BYD lithium iron-phosphate battery.


Long life cycle
Battery life is above 4,000 cycles or over 10 years. No need for battery replacement under normal use.


Zero pollution, zero emission
The battery is composed of recyclable green materials. No heavy metal pollution. No toxic fumes or gas emissions during operation.


Strong temperature adaptability

Applies to the working condition from minus 40 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius with good performance.


Opportunity charging

Opportunity charging during working break and lunch allow BYD forklift run all day. No memory effect.


Maintenance free

No need for daily battery check or periodic maintenance. No need for add electrolyte or distilled water


Professional solutions for different industries

BYD forklift truck provides professional solutions for various industries to adapt to complex working conditions.


• Food and Beverages
• Paper Making
• Fodder
• Automobiles and Parts
• Machine and Manufacturing
• Petrochemistry
• Logistics
• Households Appliance


Standard configurations

• BYD lithium-iron-phosphate battery

• 24V 110Ah battery

• GB standard charge interface

• Three-phase AC asynchronous motor

• 1,125mm fork

• Multifunction dashboard


Optional configurations

. Electronic power steering

. 100A quick charger

. Anti-skid thickened tires

. Keyboard coded lock

. Pallet fork customization available

. Fence

Notice: Functions and configurations will change according to different models.


24V 110Ah
30A StandardAbout 3.5
100A OptionAbout 1

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